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None of us are Debbie...but all of us are Debbie!

We’re a conglomerate of dedicated musicians who come from a broad range of musical influence, such as old-time, country, cajun, jazz, bluegrass, and most importantly, many forms of dance music! Boiling all of this down into a driving and rich old-time groove, we render cultural authenticity into a tasteful and exciting mezcla! We add some spice to these traditional styles with tasteful driving percussive elements like drums, banjo uke, and cajun t’fer! Our sound is a high-energy, make-you-move, trancey and groovy sonic experience.


In the fall of 2019, we all came together to play music and hang out at Oldtone Roots Music Festival. Zach rounded up a crew of funky old time musicians to play one of the many “tweener” sets on the side stage - a souped up pickup truck. Something about our groove - the rhythmic trance of the banjo uke and drums, the driving fiddle and mandolin melodies, and the dependable and crucial thump of the tub bass - created a dance party like no other. We went on to win second place in the band competition, our first official foray under the name Dumpster Debbie. We rode this wave all the way into the studio where we recorded a full length album of our favorite old time fiddle tunes - just in time for the pandemic!

We were delighted be asked back to Oldtone Roots Music Festival LITE in the fall of 2021. It's where we started out and we're so grateful to the community for continuing to support us. We're looking forward to this September where we'll be playing at Oldtone Roots Music Festival for our third year! Hope to see you there.

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